Todays’ Tomorrow…

In your years of plenty, Remember to reserve for the years of empty... The same goes to life, Live like there's no tomorrow, Love like it's your last day on earth. But remember that your tomorrow Will definitely become your today someday... ​ Happy June Beautiful People... Have a Splendid Weekend Folks!.

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Looking out through my window, I saw the sun settling and soon the stars would come up. The skyline was painted beautifully as it ran endlessly along the horizon. As the chripy sound of the doorbell sends a shiver through me, As the wall of anticipation which was somehow built in my stomach breaks, and... Continue Reading →

Africa… (Dedicated to all Africans)

This is africa, Sweating is what we do. But not without slaying and blazing. So, why don't we grind hard, Be grateful at all times, For who we are and what we have right now. Life is short, Let's not waste it being afraid of risks and the unknowns. Take risks, Experience more, and Be... Continue Reading →

Confidence The Game of Success…

Revisit history; His story aplenty. When the game is over, It's all in a box for the king and the pawn. When darkness engulfs, Confidence is the beacon of light. When you dare to take a leap, Destiny is what we determine. Watch me or block me, But you can never stop me. Enduring the... Continue Reading →


To have happiness, You must first have serenity for the world. Stupid people have no respect for love and refuse to live. Foolishness always claims the life of a fool- This is what happens to anyone who lives by stupidity. BE WISE AND BUILD YOUR HAPPINESS... STOP SEEKING FOR IT WHERE YOU LOST IT!

A Common Destiny For All…

As it is with the successful man, So with the failure; As it is with those who work hard, So it is with those who are lazy to work hard. The same destiny overtakes all. The life men live, Moreover, Is full of evil and they are challenges while they live, and Afterwards they join... Continue Reading →

POEM (Dedicated to all the Poets and writers).

Woke up each morning, Smiling, Expecting your words (writings) to wake me up. Love to hear the rythm of your heart poured into papers, Your heart beats, Its echoes, Transformed into lines through the gracious ink that puts it down, For me to read and nod my head like an expectant father of an unborn... Continue Reading →

Don’t Quit!

I do it for my people Give it up, my love. A sharp mind is our weapon of choice I see no one of my caliber; Why? Thriving to outdo myself. When I fall, I get up Try until you succeed. Don't stop; don't give up. Greatness is the goal. Day by day; step by... Continue Reading →

Strength of Mankind…

You can be that person who truly symbolises the phrase "Strengh of Mankind". Only when you take and accept the opportunities before you, To prove that and let people be glad they were privileged to see, You as a living legend in action everyday you lived. To do that, you will have to display tremendous... Continue Reading →


Woke up next to you, My arms cuddling around you, My heart racing as I know how vulnerable I can be to your love. Just then, Your lips became my favorite for beakfast. Your smile, The only remedy to my wounded heart. Your voice the only melody that calms my soul. The taste of you,... Continue Reading →

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