Words as delicate as tender as soft as bright as the street light on my bed but as dangerous, and as sharp as a sword, are the thoughts in my head.



Be the arc builder of a story That roughly covers all your personal life story. It may not be perfect, excellent, but it's worth telling. You have to be the builder of the arc which is your story. Tell your story before it becomes history.

The Writer With Purpose and Vision.

Speak of the writer not a writer.  The writer that writes determinedly  About something fascinating and gripping;  Is what I call "The Wall Street Journal", Because you, as the writer of your destiny Is the Wall of the Street called LIFE, While journal is DESTINY is what you write. Be a writer that makes paper... Continue Reading →

Discovering Fear…

Listen, O generation of terror, Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of fear- While I was still searching but not finding- I found one determined man among thousand But not one heathen woman among them Who can take the mantle to overcome The fear of what lies at the other end of... Continue Reading →

Knowing It All…

With every breath becoming a prayer, take this pains away from me... For I'm not ready to give up now. Knowing it all do more harm than good. The more you know, the more you get hurt. Just because I predicted this, Doesn't make it easy to live with, So what's the point of knowing... Continue Reading →


Depression arises where there is no action, And action begot attention, Attention begot tension. Where there is tension, No one pays attention. Hey, Talkers what do you say about DEPRESSION in your own terms?

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello there! This is my second sunshine blogger award. But this time, I was nominated by a belle named  Simofutet for such an honored award.  Sim (as I like to call her ) blogs about the journey of her pleasures, rants, and rambles to becoming a better version of herself. She also blogs about health practices as... Continue Reading →

INEC Palaver: Voters Card Fever.

Hello Lovelies😃, as you all know, Nigeria is a great country that's certain. But also not the best country though because of its mismanagement by those in power.     So, early today I went to claim my VC  at the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) office, and it wasn't funny at all😑. First, the... Continue Reading →

You’re Gonna Rise Up…

You may fall but will grow stronger, You're gonna rise up. Times may be testing, You're gonna rise up. Over and over again, you're gonna rise up, Forever and ever, you're gonna rise up, Challenge accepted you're gonna rise up. Let's create history together. HAPPY MARCH FOLKS!!! HAVE A BLISSFUL TIME...

The Ultimate Guide To Baking (With Maybelline Fit Me).

Hello! Guys, it's another Tuesday morning and the weather seems to be cloudy around my area today. But nevertheless, you still need to look good whether rainy or sunny (for the beautiful ladies) which is why I present to you the #4 Step on how to baking with Maybelline Fit Me. Maybelline Fit Me is the... Continue Reading →

A Simple Friday (#TGIF)🍻

So what is your Friday about? Just gonna sit there? No way! It's Friday so let's make it a Free-day! Lately, I have been doing some thinking about🤔 what to do. Then I remembered something amazing, it's a Free-day so no need of doing anything! Just make it Simple and Free...🍹🏊 Honestly, folks, I'm just... Continue Reading →

Guarding Speech.

In today's world people no longer know the value and impact of conversations. Some people talk because they think and feel they know how to talk better than the rest. So, now I write to you learn to guard your speech. Would people lives change for the better or for worse when they listen to... Continue Reading →

Lover’s Day…(Dedicated To True Lovers💕)

Woke up this morning feeling so good, like the day was waiting for my arrival. Looking out my window, Nature doing its thing and the bird crippling... And, the thought of you reminded me that, Love isn't how much we gave or received neither Is it how well or how far we loved. It simply... Continue Reading →

He’s Got You!

They can try to take your crown away but, You will never let your kingdom down. You know they are coming to take your throne, But you didn't get here on your own (God had my back). So why worry about life and its ups-and-downs When you did not get here on your own. Be calm, for He's... Continue Reading →

You Conquer…

You're a natural born provider, You don't seek to be taken care of, Because you've got this handled. But sometimes, we can't help it when When we want that one person who will Be stronger for no matter how independent and tough we are. We will always need each other to conquer, So let's have each... Continue Reading →

Leaving Soon (Goodbye…)

I don't care a bit about others opinions about us. I came because I knew you were not doing well. I have to go back... That's what I still have to do. I came to say goodbye properly... properly. I don't want to leave any regrets. Even if we have to part ways, I want... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Cry…

Why holding it in? Let it out... Just cry. You want to cry right now, but holding it in. It doesn't mean you're weak. You don't cry because you're weak. You cry so that you can survive. So what I mean to say is, It's all right for you to cry. You need to cry... Continue Reading →

Dream So High…

It feels like I can breathe again. I'm so excited that my heart is racing. I can fly so high, all I have to do is to keep my dream alive and high. No one can beat someone who is having fun. If growing up means your dreams fade, I'll give up on growing up.... Continue Reading →

My Reckless Life…

Do you have plans in life? It's fun to just wing it. It's not like planning makes it happen. If it's random anyway, might as well have fun. If we weren't reckless, you wouldn't be the BEAUTIFUL YOU, you are right now. I wouldn't be the ME I am. So why are you so obsessed... Continue Reading →

Be Your Own Hero…

Slap trap and snap prey suffer. The going gets tougher Struggles are the stepping stones to survival. It is, after all, struggles for existence. Fearless and bravely TOGETHER. Failures will only make us grow STRONGER. Repeat after me, We are a SURVIVOR...

How We Met…

How did we meet? One day, a butterfly flew like a petal... And made a small flutter. How did we meet and end up here? The corner of the street where we exchanged our love in spring. It was a miracle. We slowly held hands as we walked down the street together. The dandelions beneath... Continue Reading →

You Can Call It a Life…

In the arms of the sun now life will be With the rays in our breath And a shine when we speak. Just when the heart started moving to another beat Out of nowhere a new thought found its feet That life gives you just one shot So why not love it with all you've... Continue Reading →

You’re Alive…

If you're carrying your restlessness in your heart You're alive If you're carrying the lighting of dreams in your eyes You're alive Like a gust of wind, learn to live free... Learn to flow like the waves that make a sea. Let your arms be wide open, to every moment you meet. May every moment... Continue Reading →

A Cold World…

Looking out through my window All I could see was mother nature saying something that only the soul understands... We live in a cold world and day after day,  inhabitants become so cold that they  do not understand the language of love anymore. They do not know the taste of the warmth love produces... Because... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I’m here again to share with you one of my amazing relish recipes. Well, it’s nothing you can’t do or afford, it’s simple to prepare and not expensive to afford. But, before I go on giving out my recipe, I would love to share with you guys its origin so you don’t go... Continue Reading →

My Wishes to Couples…

Husband and wife should give in to each other, so they say but to me, in any situation, never give up on each other. That's life. As a wife, this minute, this second, by heart, by body, and by spirit, the harmony I have because of my husband, the content, the happiness, May God bless... Continue Reading →


Become what you feel when it's right and good; so they say... What do you do when it's something bad? Sometimes we want to be what we don't feel, forcing our feelings to become what we want... When knowing fully well that you can never be what you don't feel... For we become what we... Continue Reading →

Love Poem…

My life with you is a rejoice... Every second a cherished moment longing desires on top of the world. No no nothing; sweet soft sway to high spirits. In love with love I longed, my love. Put together precious pearls of warmth. The unspoken words that you are, the unlimited mystery that you are. My ever-drizzling honeydew... Continue Reading →


Even if this world turns against you, at all circumstances... the words "you lost" echoes strongly, screaming at your face. Until... until you accept it, whoever, wherever, forever, cannot defeat you ever! Never... Ever... Give up!!!

Self-Care Practice Tips.

Hey folks, it’s a new morning and I’m so feeling this cold. But that’s by the way. How are you folks feeling? Well, lately I’ve been sick but my fingers wouldn’t let me rest full-time so I decided to give out what I do every day, every time or as time calls for it. Now,... Continue Reading →

Get to Know ME…

Hello! Beautiful peoples. Happy Beautiful New Year to my lovely Readers and Followers! Guys, it's been a new age war for me so far, so I just don't know how to explain them or start but that's why my post title says "Get to Know ME..."  So people if you have any questions or anything... Continue Reading →

Find Your Purpose…

It is not bad to look for a purpose to live, for life can be anything anytime, so go for that which you love and make it your purpose of living...

#6 Astonishing Concealer Tips & Tricks For Beauties.

Hey guys, shout out to all my beautiful followers and readers... Thank you all for dropping by today again. So today, I'm actually gonna be dealing with the beauties once more... and any other fellow is welcome! Right now Xmas is around the corner and everyone is preparing so hard. And here I present to... Continue Reading →

Quiet Sanctuary

Don't get so busy that you miss the serenity of a quiet moment alone which is the beauty of a day. For it is often life's smallest pleasures and gentlest joys that makes the biggest and most lasting difference. You are valuable just because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you... Continue Reading →

Tips to Draw Your own Kitty Eyes Perfectly…

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Today, I'm posting for all the beautiful ladies out there... and also for the make-up beauties. Here are few tips on how to draw perfect kitty eyes. To get it done perfectly like the one on the image above, follow the steps correctly and one at a time... Continue Reading →

Facts About Me Being a Leo (Zodiac-ally).

Hey folks... how're you all feeling? Shout to all the Leo's out there! Wanna say we rock... Oh yeah! to the Capricorn's, Arie's, Cancer's, and so on (Add yours too)... I want to say a very big thank you to all my readers and followers... You guys mean a lot to me, and I appreciate... Continue Reading →

Our Story…

If something fades into the sun, it becomes history… if something gets bathed in the moonlight, it becomes a myth. That means our story will become a myth…  

The Friend I Fell In Love With…💕

You were just a friend... Because I looked at you  just like a friend Until I found out how much I loved you  only to realize I had fell for you during  our friendship moments...💝 Show Your Friends👫 You Love💑 Them... To my readers and followers... I dedicate this to you all...😘😘😘

The Eyes Speaks Too…

It’s so amazing when people says different things from what their eyes actually say… and it’s always true for the eyes says exactly what the heart wants to say which the lips can’t say. So, when you talk to those you care about, always look into their eyes; for the eyes speaks too… @Cindie-Lifestyle Blog


We all entertain some kind of fright- real or illusion. For some, it may be fear of the unknown; future, or fear of failure. For others, it may be fear of rejection. Some of us may even have a phobia, a fear that seems irrational to others but is overwhelming and life-altering to us. So... Continue Reading →

#Currently I am…

Hello beautiful people, how’re you all doing? Hope you had a blissful weekend, because I had a delightful weekend. So today, I want to update my beautiful followers and reader what’s up in my life lately. So today, you ain’t seeing any poetry today, just stories, jokes and crazy stuffs I did and still doing.... Continue Reading →


Hey folks! I am so pleased to be nominated for this award by a special gentleman that I barely know in person but a close friend in this field, and honestly I admire, love and respect this dude so much even without knowing him in person. So Danny I really wanna say thank you so... Continue Reading →

#Being Real is Being Strong…

Most times in life, we try to be strong but haven’t it hit you; that being strong is relinquishing that which scathes you? Being strong is being the true and real you. Because being strong can’t be postiche, when you’re a pseudo. “You Must Be Real To Be Strong.”


Having lived on earth for more than three decades, Jesus Christ fully understands the human struggles. Having loved us from heaven all eternity, He longs to pull us to his heart and bless us. Concisely, He is “approachable, love-some, compassionate, and understanding.” What about you? Are you seen as “Safe” by people around you and... Continue Reading →

#Becoming Functional

What exactly makes a home dysfunctional? When families stop accepting, loving and protecting one another, When friends kill each other after facing and fighting many battles of life, They've lost their original function. Families twist abreast each other, and a vast of rancor forms. But the good news is that this process is reversible. How?... Continue Reading →

#Growing Apart💔

"We used to be close."  How many times have you heard someone  use those words to describe a relationship with a siblings or a friend? Sometimes it's a case of people drifting apart. Often, though, the problem can be traced to  an unpleasant moment or incident,  something that drove a wedge into the relationship. Once... Continue Reading →

#What’s The Point???

What’s the point of making friends with everyone around you…, when all they’re after is they own benefits, which once gotten, you are dead to them. To me, friends aren’t those around you, But those in your life. So don’t just let anyone in… For your life isn’t a charity home, but also an altar... Continue Reading →

#Look Into My Eyes…

Look into my eyes when you talk to me, because only then I’ll know when you are truly fine, and when you are lying to me… Look into my eyes… for it’s there you will find the answers you seek for… into my eyes is the ocean of love which know no evil, for it... Continue Reading →


One good thing about having a crush on someone… Is that I get to decide when to end it. My feelings have been out of my control, but I’ve decided to tame my heart as of today…


In life, we all need one person who will never give up on us, apart from families… Sometimes, we need a friend not friends. A friend that would do nothing, but just being a friend… A friend you can be the real you around are your true friend; never let them walk alone….

#Be Happy💕

Hey guys, how do you feel? Because I'm happy😃 and I hope you too are happy. And you know why? It's because we are in the last week of  the of November and being alive till this day is a miracle and I am so grateful🙏 to God. Really can't wait for the arrival of... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, today I want to give you few tips on how to choose the perfect primer for your beautiful faces. They are few things to look out for when choosing your face primer, it should be according to your skin, skin tone, skin conditions, and should also match your foundation for a good result... Continue Reading →


Beauty isn’t found on the face, but in the heart… Maturity isn’t found in our speech but in our behavior. Love isn’t found in our words, but in our actions… So the matured beautiful you are the one Who lives within you that shows love, Behaves maturely and beautiful at heart. For the face, can... Continue Reading →

# The Simplician Eve…

  Hey guys, how was your weekend? I hope you had a great time because I did. I want to ask guys a question and your responses and advice are needed, really important to help other and me too. Have you even been so lazy to prepare for work? Like, feeling lazy to even dress... Continue Reading →

#Let’s Talk (A Connection/ Conversation)

When I talk to you with my eyes, I am making a connection, But when I talk to you with my lips, I am making a conversation. So when you tell me; let’s talk… Do you mean to connect or to converse?


Like the morning sun, she wakes up With a smile that lights up the world, Yet her heart is the deep ocean of secrets, With pains and tears hidden beneath her wonderful smile that no one can resist…


It was back then, Behind you, but has a great impact and role to play in life. It becomes an experience, and a lesson to the present, A gift to the future. All thanks to the past for a great gift and lesson …


It gives me chill when I feel your presence  without seeing you. It makes me want to scream out of joy  when my body tells me "You are right behind me".  For your stares makes me stand strong among the crowd,   ‎but makes me fall for you, when I am with you. You got me... Continue Reading →


One thing that’s certain about life is that it’s uncertain. Time clocks must be punched and laundry must be done, but people are far more important than running a business or having the perfect things for-we aren’t promised of tomorrow. That’s why it’s crucial that we spend our time investing in what really matters today,... Continue Reading →


So as summer is coming to an end, I think it’s time to plan for winter… oops! Don’t get lost I am just saying that, don’t give winter the opportunity to mess up with your hair ladies, and also for the men as well, because winter doesn’t know a men’s hair and a women’s’ hair.... Continue Reading →


I decided not to return you, I 'll keep you. I think... I like you, too. No, I like you. I don't know if i like you as a friend or as a person, but I don't want you to like my side. I want you to keep calling my name...


  I am a woman of strength, independence and intelligent. I value loyalty and truth. I love unconditionally; I’m irreplaceable and not to be compared. I’m not a backup plan so can never be a second choice. I know and understands my worth; love and stability is what I desire and deserve, And nothing less.... Continue Reading →


Hey Ladies, did you ever count your hair as one of your problems? Hmmm… honestly I did but, recently I found how to get that out of my problem list. And today, I’m sharing with you guys my escape tipsy out of hair loss, hair breakage, and so on. Have been wondering how to prevent... Continue Reading →


In love, misunderstanding happens mostly when you stop communicating with each other. Not when you misheard your partner. "Always maintain a strong communication with your partners."


Everyone spends their youthful years. It’s a time more beautiful… because we’re immature, and a time that sparkles brightly. We’re not afraid because we have nothing to lose, And our hearts flutter because we can have anything. A 20-year-old youth. I’m not complete yet, but I’m more than perfect already…

Quick Tips To Make Salt Compress For Back Pains.

Hey guys, how’re you all kicking? Today, I’m here to share an alternative to using heat-pads for back pains. Come to think of it, most people spend a lot to get long lasting heat-pads for just back pain thereby, spending a whole lot. So guys, I’m here to help you save a little from your... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey guys, check out sunshine blogger award. Was actually nominated by Dynaxty. He’s such a darling. And i really wanna know what you guys think about this Blogger Award!
Feel freee to speak your mind… and don’t bite your tongue!!!


I’d like to say many thanks to Whitney for nominating me for this award.It is such an honour to be part of something amazing as this. I’m grateful! She’s versatile, exceptional and generally her blog is about lifestyle, inspiration, motivational, daily living and as well as religion. Please do check out her blog here

My answers to Whitney’s questions

  • What’s your inspiration? Life is an inspiration. Life inspires me, studying the word, other bloggers like you and generally anything worth reading.
  • What is the best thing you’ve done this year? Pretty tough, but I’d say the best thing I have done would be how I helped one of my pupil to improve in her academics
  • If you were to change one thing in your life, what would it be? Am not sure, redeeming wasted years maybe.
  • What is your safe haven? My room.
  • What is your favorite meal? Pounded…

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My First Blogger Award Nomination (SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD).

Hey guys, how’re all doing? Actually, as you can see via my todays’ post topic- it’s actually My First Blogger Award Nomination and I am all excited! First of all, I do like to say thanks to Dynaxty for nominating me for this award. It’s an honor to be part of an amazing and interesting... Continue Reading →


Hey ladies, how’re you all slaying? As a lady you ought to own half-if not all the class and types of shoes, because good shoes takes you to good places. So my fellow ladies am sure you understand what I’m talking about, and I know just like me every lady love beautiful shoes that’s why... Continue Reading →


God is all-generous in love, sheer beauty, always loyal and ever. For mankind have missed the full impact of God’s message, For we have not discovered what it’s to be ourselves, To be loved by God, irreplaceable in His sight, unique among others. But then, the really stupefying message of the Bible is that this... Continue Reading →


  Hey there, having problem with your present self? Looking for guidelines to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to be that person you are meant to be? Are you tired of being a sucker, a pleaser, and a push-around? Well, worry no more for I am here to help you out... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, i know it’s late but still wanna share for my beautiful ladies out there… So ladies you might wanna check this post out especially the make-up beauties. Happy Sunday Cuties!!! Cheers!

All about fashion and makeup

f9f88827e8897bf76a6d6c69bbdc1d01.jpgEyeliner make the eyes pop out, it improves your appearance,it gives the most defined look than pencil,it last longer,

and because of the smudge some people prefer to use eye pencil,but I tell you there are ways you can put eyeliner without regretting why you put it.

I wasn’t a fan of eyeliner because, it makes my eyes black and get smudged. I have use eye pencil and tried using eyeliner but it really makes my makeup look horrible,and so I came to discover some certain tips which I will share with you.

  • Use gel liner or pencil on the lower eye.Avoid liquid liner,it works well for the upper lid but not the lower lid.


  • After applying liquid liner,use eye shadow to seal and prevent it from smudging.


  • Apply thin and soft line,because heavy makeup smudges more easily, and always use eyeliner with makeup remover before reapplying


  • use makeup brush…

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    I want to connect to the true you… I want to connect to the beautiful you hidden inside of the real you, Which is the most important reason why I look into your beautiful eyes. So my love, don’t blame me for longing for the real you; For that person was the one... Continue Reading →


  I fall and I rise, I make mistakes but I learn from them too, I get hurt but I bounced-back like it never happened… I’m not perfect ‘cause I’m human… I have confidence because I’ve got faith. I won’t stay back but, I’ll keeping moving forward with one step ahead and the other behind,... Continue Reading →

#1 Question of the Week: “WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING THE FAVOR?”

Hey guys, I want us to look into this question deeply, and also I want this to be a discussion section. So if you have something to say don’t forget to hit the comment box. Alright! here we go, in today’s world, the men actually think that they are doing the women a favor; by... Continue Reading →


For words don’t say too much… but silence says it all… through our actions. Therefore, “SILENCE” isn’t empty, it’s full of answers… It is the perfect word that explains who you truly are. I talk, I smile, I laugh too… but, When I’m silent, be careful. For silence is a source of great strength and ... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, today I want to share with you my little knowledge with you guys on what to check out first when you want to get yourself a pair of glasses. Alright, let’s say you’ve found the perfect pair of glasses on the internet, but you can’t order them because you’re missing one vital piece... Continue Reading →

Miss. Hot

So, you got me tripping for you, “though we barely know each other, It was like I was in love with you.” But I never had the intentions of keeping you Until I met you and leaving you was like breathing yet dead. -Okafor Cynthia.  


I already feel much better than earlier. Just tackle what’s in front you first, Then just wait, And let time handle the pains… Time will take care of everything. TIME FIXES IT!!! -Okafor Cynthia.


  You’ve been in a good sport, my heart. You were definitely… passionate enough Love is the only good sport for your heart! Have no regret when you gave all your love to the wrong person. Be grateful at least, That someone was able to make your heart Flutter!!! -Okafor Cynthia.

The Only Fresh Insight.

Life is eternal- both in length and quality as long as is with God, Because every day we live is a priceless gift from God. And the incomparable joy, is the joy of discovering Something new from God, about God. For every day is loaded with greater possibilities to learn new things, to gain fresh... Continue Reading →


Hey good people! Happy October to you guys… it’s really been busy days all over the place. So how are you cuties doing? Today, I’m here for the men and ladies all over the world, but most for the men to remind them that love isn’t just enough. So shout to all the men out... Continue Reading →

The Instantaneous Contact

God is not a phantom to chase or an elusive dream, Rather He is a divine person to know. For this life is an “unfinished symphony” … and only those who relates with God and have felt the power of an endless life, will seek Him, For He does not avoid us, but seeks us-... Continue Reading →


Hey, Don’t give me that pitiful look It wasn’t so bad, life couldn’t have been so sweeter than anything because, It changes your personality. I wouldn’t have changed like this if I had an unhappy childhood. You know everyone keeps … A few painful wounds buried in their heart. If they can move on, it’s... Continue Reading →


You easily undress a heart when you wear a smile. Which makes it so easy to understand Vulnerability with you… _ Cynthia Okafor   So keep that smiles!!! HAPPY NEW WEEK GUYS!!! Have a great Day!!! #CindyCares


  Hey guys, guess what! An opportunity is here for you again. For those who don’t want to wait for JAMB and their troubles again, IJMB is here again!!! Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) is an Advanced Level program supervised, run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in Nigeria here. Which allow successful students... Continue Reading →

Delightful in Nature

I look up at the sky in the night seeing all the stars carefully set; each at its place, knowing that I love you more than these, I sit by the lake’s edge, Listening to the water lapping the shore, but hears your voice gently calling me to that place near your heart.


Hey great people, today I'm here for the ladies again, gotta do my job to keep and help them on the right track!😉 As a lady, you ought to have a makeup kit but it's not impulsive nor compulsory. It's only necessary as a woman. Whether full pack or just the essential ones, hey! And... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, how are you fairing today? Hope you all are doing great? I am doing awesome, because you guys keep me busy and heads-on, thank you all for that and I want you out there to know that Cindy loves you, which is why I try my best to reach out to you on... Continue Reading →


In today’s world, this seems to be a lyric to everyone out there. “I’m Fine” so does everyone says, but deep down there somewhere, They’re just crazily in pains. So when you hear the Lyrics “I’m Fine”, search for the eyes of the person you care about. To know if it’s actually FINE. -Cindy Now,... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, how are you all doing? It’s actually raining here in Nigeria this morning and I was so lazy to post. Oh! And sleeping was indeed awesome, trust me<winks>.  So hey, I am here today to show you my little warm and cozy outfit for winter which is raining season in Nigeria… not much,... Continue Reading →

#The Important Word.

In her lonely days, She wished someone would just say the words “How are you?”. Those irrelevant words were so important Than the words “I love you”. But, there were only wishes... because sometimes, you get loved but not cared for. So don’t let anyone who doesn’t care about you tell you the word “I... Continue Reading →


Whatever you lack, I got you. We’ll balance each other out, so don’t worry about that. Minor setback? We’ll make a better comeback. Bad day? I promise you a better night. I’ll keep you motivated and at the top always, As long as you appreciate me and remain consistent. You don’t have to doubt my... Continue Reading →

The Streets of Santiago.

Street of Santiago is really an awesome post written by an incredible photographer Omar Z Robles. This fellow is really awesome and his description about shooting in the streets is really an outstanding decision made and this one single act, made me love this post specially, plus the awesome and great dancers and their incredible moves gave me goosebumps. So i decided to re-blog this wonderful article by a wonderful individual Omar Z Robles. I love this post, and i know you guys will find out my reason for saying that. (For those who sees and knows the beauty of streets). Hope you enjoy the ride and don’t forget to hit the comment box and like button if you are truly an awesome individual. Enjoy and a Happy Sunday to you guys, though this against my professional ethic (posting on Sundays).

Omar Z Robles

On August 1, 2017, I arrived in Santiago, Chile. As a Fujifilm X-Photographer Ambassador, I was invited to be guest speaker at the brand’s official launch event in Chile. Once my engagements with the brand concluded, I stayed several days longer to spend time shooting local dancers.

DSCF7666 Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán

One of the questions people ask me frequently is why do I photograph dancers in the streets. Why not the studio or the theatre or nature? Photographing on the streets of Santiago, brought a whole new meaning to that question.

DSCF9050 María Lovero

DSCF3593 Romina Contreras & Rodrigo Guzmán

DSCF7881 Katerine Rodríguez & Lucas Alarcón

DSCF5549 Jocelyn Barrios

I photograph on the streets because that is where the history happens. Where the past, present and future collide. Streets witness laughter, victories, defeats. They are the host of our collective memory. The streets are where we become one with the rest, with the…

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Hey guys, so you want to be creative? And you just do want to be creative, but also stay creative? Then, you’ve got nothing to worry about, Cindy is here to help you out. Today, I will be giving you guys 29 TIPS that I use every day to stay active and creative which helps... Continue Reading →


Hi guys, I have a question to ask the men before I help them with the surefire methods on how to keep your marriage and your relationship by keeping that beautiful and wonderfully made lady God gave you… First of all, my question is; do you want your name to be branded in her heart?... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, today I’m going to deal with the men but ladies you’re welcome too...  once more, shout out to the gentlemen out there who are playing their role very well by trying their best to impress their ladies. To those single men who gives great advice to their married, engaged, dating and single friends... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, it chilly over here because it’s raining… Oh! It’s Friday too, got to be fun yeah… today, let’s discus improving ourselves by being more attractive; whether male or female. You’ve got to be attractive as an individual in order to mingle with others, in order not to be an outcast, you’ve got to... Continue Reading →


Hello people, today I am writing to all the wonderful ladies out there, single, dating, engaged, married (tell your girls). I want you to read carefully though you might have more knowledge and experiences than I do, concerning what I’m about to say to all of us, I would love it if you could contribute... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, today I’m here to share with you my little knowledge about eggplants or garden egg (as known by most Nigerians). Eggplant is really one of the most nutritious fruit cultivated in Nigeria where I come from. From my place which in the Eastern part of Nigeria, eggplant is one of the well-recognized and... Continue Reading →

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